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invitational master class

4 Week Commercial Intensive for Advanced, Pros, Alum

Limited to 12 Participants

In this Spring Intensive we will wrestle with:

Audition Fatigue
Booking Highs
Losing Lows
Fidelity to the Fundamentals
Generating Repeat Business
The Evolving Agent Relationship
Being the Boss of The Gig
The Morass of Classes
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Classes will be held via ZOOM the first four Saturdays in May.
10:00am-1:00pm pacific / 1:00pm-4:00pm Eastern

There will be one introduction to class Zoom prior to the four-week session; date TBA

May 4 • May 11 • May 18 • May 25


  • Spend meaningful time at the mic refining new skills and connecting them to skills you already possess.

  • Dive deep into the one thing which, once mastered, is a game changer: copy analysis.

  • Immerse yourself in what it means to bring your authentic self to the mic; how to use the music of the English Language to identify the writer’s intent; how to engage your whole self at the mic, all in a space where everyone is valued.

  • We will focus on the essential tools of the art - including copy analysis, decoding the spec, identifying point of view (who is speaking and to whom), body engagement, breath control, and how these tools apply to each distinct setting.