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Past Intensives

summer: the audition

Honing in on how these skills apply to the audition.

Every actor has heard the expression, “you are enough.”

The expression reminds us we do not need to push to express our own humanity in the work we do.

Still, to be effective voicing commercials, it is crucial we learn the particular skills and technique necessary to bring our authentic selves to the copy in order to bring an ad writer’s words to life.

We learned the Music of the English Language long before we understood words. We sing it every time we speak, and it is at the heart of everything we do as actors.

Connecting this music to scripted works is foundational to understanding commercial copy.

fall: the gig

Our Fall Intensive will focus on applying these skills on the job.  Plus, we'll explore how to create a collaborative relationship with the director in real time, how to keep from burning out in a long session, and how to use each session as an opportunity for repeat business.

the intersection of story and copy

the creative process

3-Week Commercial Intensive is for Advanced, Pros, and Alum

VO styles evolve, commercial trends change, technology rushes forward, but creative fundamentals endure. The constant is the tools we use to puzzle together creating story, analyzing copy, and utilizing technique. Casting Directors put a lot of work into writing the spec; they want us to succeed. Yet, we often come away with more questions than answers and rely on a best guess to create a back story that we hope will drive us away from the contrived to the ever-sought-after authentic read. Creating story is an essential creative tool of auditions. Finding copy-specific contextual story is key to avoiding the imposition of a false narrative the writer did not intend.  Creating story is essential for the audition; skilled technique is essential for the gig.

In this session we will sit down at the intersection of Copy Analysis and Story Creation and work the steps together.

We will lightly refresh the essentials of Product Research, Point of View, Mic Technique, Breath Control, Body Engagement, and cover the delicate balance between being the boss of your session, demurring to the Creatives, and engaging Your Director.

  • Spend meaningful time at the mic refining new skills and connecting them to skills you already possess.

  • Dive deep into the one thing which, once mastered, is a game changer: copy analysis.

  • Immerse yourself in what it means to bring your authentic self to the mic; how to use the music of the English Language to identify the writer’s intent; how to engage your whole self at the mic, all in a space where everyone is valued.

  • We will focus on the essential tools of the art - including copy analysis, decoding the spec, identifying point of view (who is speaking and to whom), body engagement, breath control, and how these tools apply to each distinct setting.