Excellent Resources


Nancy Wolfson

Nancy Wolfson—One singular sensation.  There is no one like Nancy across these United States nor beyond. With 25 years building successful careers in Hollywood and around the world - her system works; and more to the point - her students work.  Her nerd-level love of language and eye on results drive her teaching.  She teaches more than voice over theory (though she is a scholar at it); she teaches performance tricks that do not fail.  No nonsense, no BS, and no coddling.  Wicked-smart, she delights in success—yours and hers. When I find myself stuck in a piece of copy, I pull out the practical tools she has given me over the years and voila – I am free.  From teaching to casting to cutting edge help with marketing, Nancy is a wealth of help.


Jeff Howell

From directing Colin Kaepernick in his iconic Nike ad, to casting and directing commercials for clients such as Disney and promos for CBS, to making foreign content relevant for American audiences for Netflix, to his talent agency background, Jeff’s breadth of experience is unmatched.  His influence on my own career is immeasurable.  He teaches in an atmosphere of trust and respect and focuses on both the technical and artistic skills of voice over.  Producers count on Jeff’s influence on the industry as a whole as he develops new talent, keeping the talent pool fresh, while coaching well-established voices through changing styles to provide highly trained, experienced artists. A loyal champion of talent.  I count on Jeff to keep me relevant. Coaching and Demo Production.   *Directed and produced my promo demo



Keri is currently offers two classes a year to help voice over talents to learn effective techniques voicing commercials. It is crucial we learn the particular skills and technique necessary to bring our authentic selves to the copy in order to bring an ad writer’s words to life.


engineer extraordinaire

Kevin Cleland

Kevin has been my go-to producer/engineer and home studio engineer for decades.  A wizard at the board with a keen ear and rock star skills to match, Kevin makes everything come alive. Demo Production, Audio and Video editing, Home Studio set up and maintenance.  Ad Agencies and production houses rely on Kevin for everything from editing to mixing to help with casting.


website design

Kathy Osborne Design

Working with Kathy is a joy.  Patient, innovative, and well-priced, she will work with you to create a concept/design that speaks your personal brand.  For someone such as me with no skills in visual design, Kathy is a dream.  She guided me through the process of discovery to create a look and function that I could not have imagined on my own.